Spotted Dress

Here's another first! I thought I would make a post on thrift shopping! I love, love love going to the mall and scouring sites online but sometimes it's fun to shop the racks at the local thrift store. There is a certain excitement you get when you find an awesome article of clothing.. and it's only $5! How can you not love that! Well, thats what I found with this dress! Although I don't know where it is from, it was such an awesome find and perfect to pair with some leggings and a cardi! 


Coral stripes

So this may be my favourite colour of the season! I'm not sure if you can tell.. Skirt, sweater, necklace... and although its not shown here.. I wore my coral winter jacket and scarf too! Too much? haha So as you can see I purchased my skirt at Zellers and I don't know about you, but I never thought too highly about the store that's going out of business but to my surprise they have SUCH cute clothes.. and who doesn't like a "going out of business discount" too! So that's all fine and dandy but the thing I am most excited about is TARGET is coming to Canada and taking over Zellers whoo hoo!! I can't wait for spring shopping!


Grey classics

Inspiration: Sequins and Stilettos

Good evening everyone! So here is my first blog post where I have found inspiration in another fashionista! Isn't she great! Check out her blog... she has such fantastic style! So this dress is probably about 7+ years old! And I have only worn it a handful of times but I really do still love it! It's from Le Chateau and has such a classic look to it. Anyway, I received a compliment on the outfit from the big boss this morning at work, so that must mean good things right??


Cowgirl and diamonds

Hey all! It's the weekend, it's the weekend! Can you tell... I am very excited! Like I said.. I would play around with my camera.. looking better, huh? I am also still deciding on the best location in the apartment... maybe I will just change it up everyday. haha Well today's outfit was a hit, I loved it... a little bit of bling and some cowboy boots... you just can't go wrong with that! Till next week my friends, thanks for a successful first week!


Black, white & red all over

Okay, okay! I'm seeing that I really have to learn how to use my camera properly! This weekend, I promise.. I'm going to have better photo's next week! Cross your fingers for me! So moving on, as you may or may not know, it is freeezing here in Ottawa! I'm not usually a pants type of girl, but man, it's cold out there! So hot pants it is! 



As you can see I am still trying to find the best spot to take outfit photos in our apartment! There aren't very many options left so I am just going to have to pick a place and set up my camera and leave it be!

When I'm reading my daily fashion blogs (you can see all the ladies under Blog Love) I always love it when you can relate to the stores that the girls shop at. If you have stumbled across Darling Ensemble and are looking for a gal who's wearing Louboutin's and shopping at Marc Jacob & YSL ... very sadly, I'm not your girl! : ( BUT I do love to shop for bargains and I think you can find awesome pieces from any store if you just know what you're looking for! 


Yellow & Navy duo

(via: Pinterest)

Not only do I look to other fashionista's for outfit inspiration but I like seeing the creativity and colours within interiors too! Even though I followed the path as a graphic designer I am still deeply in love with interior design  and like mixing them all together! Fashion, graphics & interiors! The perfect ensemble! 


First post polka-dots!

Here goes!! First outfit post of 2013! I really wanted to create a blog specifically for everyday work wear. I am always on the look-out for "something to wear to work tomorrow!" and I thought, why not throw my own work wear looks onto the internet too! I love finding inspiration from other fabulous ladies and I thought, hey, maybe I could do the same for someone else! So here is it.. Cheers to my first post and many more to come!