Feminine Edge

Woo hoo! No more tights... just sunshine and warm weather (finally!) I threw this outfit together this morning.. as I usually do on Mondays! I thought it was a pretty outfit to start off the week!


Love this fun print!

Oh, hey! I swear I got dressed and went to work the last two days... I didn't however have time to write and upload two blog posts in a row! But I'm good now.. everything is back to normal : ) I'm wearing one of my favourite skirts here. It is from Forever 21 and it's just a great skirt to play around with! It's fun and bold and something a little different! 


A little hint of Sunshine

(via: www.decorpad.com)

So it was Sunday night and I didn't have a plan of what I was going to wear today!! So where else do you go for inspiration.. Pinterest of course! Into the home decor section and then I just started skimming for great interiors with fun colours! I came across this photo and immediately connected an outfit to it! It's just another way to create new looks with the pieces you already own! 


The Natural Outfit

I think I was inspired by nature today! If only things were actually green here! April snow-strorms bring May flowers though right?! haha I'm working with my fav combo here... JCrew & polka-dots!  I actually have to put this sweater back in the closet on a regular basis becuase I'm just always grabbing it in the mornings! It's just so easy and fun! I'm a fan!


Purple prints

I love this skirt! Such a pretty little thing.. but boy o' boy I think I need to invest in some nude tights! HA! What was I thinking? Sadly I don't love the tights and shoes.. but the top portion is very springy and pretty! 


Leopard & Stripes

It's finally getting warmer so I can pull out my cute heels! Yay!! I love pairing red with leopard print as well as stripes.. so I thought, hey, why not put them all together – I think it worked out pretty well! It just a little more umpf to my everyday black pants, you know! Anyway.. All of these pieces are older so there is no point in listing them but I'm hoping I will be able to showcase new items after next week. Cross-border shopping if I'm lucky! Crossing my fingers we go! Woo Hoo! 


Classy fun

Shirt: Zellers | Skirt: Simons | Shoes: Suzy Shier | Belt: Marshalls | Glasses: Tiffany's

Happy Monday! OH, only 4 more day's until the weekend, but who's counting? haha I actually don't wear my glasses very often.. but man, were my eyes ever blurry today! Too much staring at the computer I guess! I bought this cute skirt at Simon's a long time ago and look forward to working with it to create more fun & colourful outfits!


Dressy Colour-blocking

I wish this dress was just a little bit longer! I feel like it's a tad too short for work. I have been seeing ladies adding slips or skirts underneath dresses that are shorter so I think I will try that out next time! And, as always.. a hint of polka dots!


Chic Mustard


Although my outfit doesn't seem to be as creative and complex as this fabulous room - I definitely loved the colour scheme! Brown, yellow black with a hint of gold and you have yourself a chic look! 


Playing with Patterns!

I haven't posted a penny pincher for a while so I thought I would throw this one in today! I found this great cardi for $4 at vv... it's a Loft sweater and such a great all-around and versatile cardi! On another note, I have been trying to play with patterns lately and I find it works best if you keep a common colour throughout! How did I do?!


Lady Like

Shirt: Urban Planet | Skirt: F21 | Shoes: Costa Blanca | Necklace: The Bay | Watch: Michael Kors

I have been seeing so many lady like pieces in stores and online lately and I absolutely love it! Pastels, lace, pearls, polka-dots... it's simply me in a nutshell! I can't wait to go on my spring "mini" shopping spree soon to pick up some new fun outfits! I'll be honest.. I did miss two outfit days last week.. sometimes I just feel I'm not up to par as to what I'm looking for on this blog and what I want to show you ladies!! I just want to bring the best everyday work outfits to the blog and let's face it.. sometimes we aren't always 100%! Bring on the sunshine!!  


Fresh combo

Cardi: Joe Fresh | Shirt: Joe Fresh | Pants: Suzy Shier | Heels: Spring | Watch: Michael Kors

I love this colour combo! So springy.. and a big change from the last two days of black, grey & red! Kind of blah when I look back on it! Anyway.. last night I was laying in bed trying to think of some fun colours to wear together and this is what I came up with! I think it's fresh! As you can see my shirt & cardi are from Joe Fresh.. one of my favourite stores to shop at... and they just opened up a new store in my mall! Woo hoo! 


Minnie Mouse

Calling all Disney characters for outfit inspiration! haha Just kidding, but Minnie Mouse definitely knew what she was doing when she chose red with white polka dots for her outfit! I love this top! It's just another find from F21 but it's just so bright and cheery.. you can't go wrong! Now if only I had a pair of yellow pumps.. then I would really be in character!


Dress re-fresh!

Happy Monday! After a very busy weekend of parties, dinners, visiting family and of course...driving, well it's back to the work week and my workday attire! I have actually worn this dress and cardi on a previous post... BUT I looked back on it and it just seemed a tad frumpy so I thought I would try again! That is what this blog is all about, right! I feel like it came together much better this time around and it was a classic look for a very sleepy Monday : ) 


Spring Fever

Happy 2nd day of spring! Sorry for the missed outfit yesterday.. I was dress shopping for my parent's 50th anniversary that is coming up this Sunday, and the time just kept slipping away. I did find a dress however.. so I'm pretty happy about that! Maybe I will sneak in a "dress up" post and show ya! It is still very much winter here so my spring attire is, none-the-less still packed away, however I thought I would wear something a little more cheerful to brighten up the day.. and the snow! haha 


Kelly Green & Polka

I found this copy-cat image on Net-A-Porter! Sometimes it is just a great way to find inspiration for work outfits! I mean once you get on pinterest, you may never get off ha! So I like going on Net-A-Porter when I have a specific article of clothing that I am interested in wearing and see what pops up! So sorry for the half-smile in the pic too.. I may be a little frozen and/or drugged! ; ) 


Berry Booties

Sadly I am still wearing dark, gloomy colours because winter just won't go away! More snow is on its way! Lucky us : ) but it wasn't just because of the cold weather that I am being a colour downer but also because I finally received my Just Fab shoes in the mail! Yes! I do love them! Was it worth the stress? Probably not... but they are super cute booties! I also have to send another pair back for a larger size, oh goodness.. please wish me luck!! Thank you, thank you!


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Lady Floral

Shirt: Old Navy | Skirt: Simons | Shoes: Costa Blanca | Tights: F21 | Necklace: Charlotte Russe | Watch: Michael Kors

I bought this skirt last summer in Montreal at a store I have never been to called Simons... AND it was heaven!! It was a huge store filled with adorable, my kind of style and my kind of price clothes! I loved it! Anyway, it was definitely new to me and I can't wait to make another road trip there to purchase some new finds! I know, I know, I could just order online but I'll be honest... I'm not that kind of shopper. I have tried shopping online but it just doesn't seem the same as seeing a dress in front of me, trying it on, feeling the fabric, you know what I mean? And I'll be honest, I have had some bad ordeals with online shopping.. let's not name names.. (ehem Just Fab) LOL Honestly, don't even get me started on that company! haha 


Purple Champagne?

What is this colour? I really don't know what to call it.. and I'm a designer! ha This shirt is not one of my favourites either.. it is definitely meant to wear tucked into a skirt because it is just so awkward with an elastic band on the bottom.. so weird. And then, paired with my infamous black skinnies and we called it a day at the office! : ) 


Putting on the Ritz

I purchased this dress about a year ago when my other half and I moved into our new apartment! We put on a little gathering to show off our abode with a 1920's spin! I wore it to work today with a simple black cardi and although I know it's not the most figure flattering, I like the 20's feel to it!


A little 'pink' me up!

Happy Monday to all my lovelies!! Now that I am looking at this outfit in photo format I think I should have worn a skinny belt! That would have really completed the outfit! But, that's okay.. that's what this blog is for! I put this outfit into the "Penny-pinching" section because I found this fantastic bubble-gum pink polka-dot top (of course) at VV (Value Village) for $5.. what a find! I remember growing up and my mom would have to drag me to thrift stores... BUT NOW I can't wait for their 50% off days.. it's so thrilling to shop the racks for fab finds like this top! Oh ya... I changed my hair over the weekend! How does it look?!!


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Edgy Chic

I would link you to all my articles of clothing – but I'll be honest this is pretty much Forever 21 in a nutshell! So as you may or may not notice, I'm not looking at the camera! That's right everyone.. I'm being creative (or is it cheesy?) anyway, I thought I would try something different! I actually did go outside & take a picture... but to be honest, I couldn't get the camera setting right (not like I'm using them correctly now lol but still) ANYWAY I couldn't get the settings right and even though the snow is melting it's still in the negatives and I needed to scoot-ch my butt back inside. Give it another month and I may head back outside for round 2! 


Glitter completes every outfit

Sweater: Banana Republic | Skirt: Old Navy | Shoes: Marshalls | Necklace: F21 | Belt: Charlotte Russe

I WISH Pantone actually supplied you with glitter colours! How amazing would that be! As a graphic designer, it would be magical!! I found inspiration for this outfit on Pinterest a couple of days ago... the colour scheme just works so well together - I love how strong and bold it is! Thanks to Pinterest once again for showing me what I can create with items I already own!


Mrs. Alba's plaid

Oh Jessica Alba, my style icon! Have you seen how often she is in the style mags? She is always dressed to the 9's, whether she is in work-out gear or a night on the town; this girl just always looks fabulous! I have had this full plaid skirt since I worked at Le Chateau... that's going on 7 years ago now. Anywho, I saw this picture of Jessica Alba and I was so excited to re-create a similar work outfit! I'm looking forward to pulling this outfit out in the summer with sandals! Thank you Jessica... Do you have a style icon that never lets you down!?


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I heart J-Crew

I do, I do! But I heart J-Crew on sale even more!!! I purchased this sweater while vacationing in Boston and I just loved it! This is the first time wearing it to work (it's usually a casual sweater with jeans and flats) but I think it worked out pretty chic-ly with a pencil skirt! I know the boots may be a tad chunky but there is just sooo much snow here!! 


The hues of Coral & Green

Okay, Okay, I'll be honest.. I didn't wear these cute nude pumps to work today... Nope, I definitely wore big, awkward, fluffy snow boots! BUT these would be the shoes of choice if it wasn't a snow storm : ) I pinned this interiors image back in the day (loving the colours) and thought it was a good idea to pull the fantastic tones from the room to create today's outfit! Coral, green and cream... what a great combination it turned out to be! 


Preppy Tropics

I feel very tropical when I wear this dress! And let's be honest... I will take dreaming and thinking of tropical weather any way I can get! Oh, have you heard?... Another snow storm is on the way tomorrow! So I put on this dress and day-dreamed of sand, sun and pina coladas today and well, thats probably all it will be for a while! Come on spring!!


Mixing patterns

It feels like I haven't posted in so long since I was on "the IT list" on Friday! How great is that : ) Well, I'm back to my regular posts and here is a fun one! As most of you probably agree, mixing patterns is the freshest thing in fashion! So I thought I would try it out! How did I do? I don't know how I feel about the turquoise necklace, but after trying on a handful I just had to accept this one and go to work already!!  


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Lazy Thursday

It's true.. I didn't even wake up late! I just had no umph! I slopped this outfit together and I was out the door. I'll be honest, it was comfy but it definitely had no thought behind it! Black pants, flat boots, patterned shirt and a necklace and that was that! Maybe I'll be more creative tomorrow! 


Polka & peplum

Shirt: Forever 21 | Skirt: Le Chateau | Shoes: Suzy Shier | Necklace: Le Chateau | Watch: Michael Kors

I honestly don't know if I could make it a week without wearing something with polka-dots on it!! And today I'm wearing double! Crazy girl. They are definitely taking over my closet... Note to self: be open minded with other patterns! Regardless, I thought this outfit was classic with a fun flair! A perfect Wednesday pick-me-up. 


Gingham & dots

(via: Pinterest)

I love this look! I have seen this image floating around Pinterest for quite some time now and just love how the patterns mix so well together! I wish my skirt had bigger polka-dots, but what can ya do! To add some colour I threw on the coral bubble necklace and off I was to work! Yay! to a short week! 


Tulle skirt & Chambray shirt

Happy Family Day to all my Canadian lovelies! I have been seeing "this look" for some time now and love it! SO! I thought I would try it out for myself! So here you have my variation of the tulle skirt & chambray shirt outfit! I like how it has a county chic type look to it! Perfect for the office and then out for after work drinks! Cheers 


Casual Friday?

Okay, okay.. we don't actually play the "casual Friday" at work game! But I like to think that a denim dress is far from wearing a pair of jeans to work right!? Maybe, maybe not... but I didn't get a pink slip so I think I'm in the clear! I threw this outfit post into the penny-pinchin' gems category because I had to flaunt these boots! They are definitely my go-to black boots for winter and I purchased that at such a fabulous price!! It was my first time shopping at Destiny USA mall in Syracuse and man, was it everything I hoped for and more! (currently day-dreaming.. ahhhh) Anyway, so we are shopping away and stop in DSW and there's a wheel of fortune just ready and waiting.. so I spin the wheel and BAM 30% off these already $25 boots! And there you have it folks! 


Happy heart day!

Sweater: Banana Republic | Skirt: Target | Tights: F21 | Shoes: Suzy Shier | Necklace: F21 | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: Just Fab

Happy Valentine's Day! Yep, I'm that girl who wears red & pink on February 14th! I love it; hearts, flowers and chocolate! Just perfect! My darling and I went skating on the Canal tonight and it truly was a perfect night! Except... I can feel it now.. the bruises starting to form!! I hope you're having a great night too and spending it with loved ones! <3 


Polka & Leopard

A few weeks ago while I was meandering around the mall.. this cute & stylish elderly women complimented me on a similar look! She stopped and stared and then proceeded to tell me how much she liked the polka-dots and leopard prints together! Well, I'll be! So today's outfit goes to that stylish lady in the mall - a true inspiration to keep looking your best even as time passes by! 


Grey Tuesday

(via: Pinterest)

My next purchase (among many, many others...) is going to have to be a red necklace! How cute would this outfit be with an extra bit of red to bring out the details in the dress! I found this interiors image on Pinterest, it's so strong and graphic and I love the pop of red on the grey walls.... and the black banister, oh my! Love it all! 


Are you a model now...

Cardi: Old Navy | Skirt: Forever 21 | Booties: Urban Planet | Belt: Charlotte Russe

Says my boss at work! Well, my my, Thank you Sir! I will take the compliment and run with it! haha I actually love this skirt but I find it so hard to work with! I think it's because you always have to find a pair of tights to go with every skirt & dress throughout the winter.. and sometimes the look would work soooo much better without!! Come on summer! I'm ready for tight-less legs and sandals! 


A switch of colour

Inspiration: Kristin Cavallari 

Obviously I found this amazing inspirational photo of Kristin on Pinterest! What a fantastic colour combination she put together! These are the types of things that I truly enjoy finding... I probably wouldn't have put this top and skirt together myself! So how great is that.. just another work day outfit for the books!  


The Lola dress

I love this dress! I purchased it quite a while ago while on a trip to Vegas actually! I love those underground stores in that city, you can just get lost and stumble across secret little boutiques! My sisters and I found this dress in a sweet little store called Lola, I believe it's a boutique branch of BCBG. It's feminine and frilly.. just the way I like it! 


Polka-dots and Chambray

Sweater: J. Crew | Shirt: Forever 21 | Skinnies: Dynamite | Shoes: Costa Blanca | Necklace: The Bay | Watch: Michael Kors

These are definitely my go-to pantaloons! I will tell you a secret.. I'm not too tall.. only 4'11" and I find it very difficult to find pants that fit nicely! And lets be honest, who likes paying and actually going to get their pants hemmed? Not me thats for sure! So, I end up buying lots of skirts & dresses! (which I love btw) But when I do find some pants that fit well and work with everything... well, they end up being the pants of choice!! 


Striped out

Happy Monday everyone! So this outfit was going to be a "copy cat" since I found inspiration last night on Pinterest to pull the turtle-neck out from the depths of my drawers...but that just wouldn't suffice! I had to proclaim that I purchased this awesome stripped turtle-neck for a whole toonie! Plus no tax! Have I mentioned I love shopping for deals? Anyway, Joe Fresh had this on sale and I did a little shopping when the store had a no tax day, and there we have it my friends! Just can't beat that! 


Leopard on Friday

(via Inspired Design )

I love throwing on my leopard scarf.. I feel like it always adds a touch of style no matter what I'm wearing! I must add TGIF.. it has been a long week, but we are finally here! I loved this calm & warm room which I found on pinterest.. where else really? Anyway, it's just lovely and a great inspiration for todays outfit!


Spotted Dress

Here's another first! I thought I would make a post on thrift shopping! I love, love love going to the mall and scouring sites online but sometimes it's fun to shop the racks at the local thrift store. There is a certain excitement you get when you find an awesome article of clothing.. and it's only $5! How can you not love that! Well, thats what I found with this dress! Although I don't know where it is from, it was such an awesome find and perfect to pair with some leggings and a cardi! 


Coral stripes

So this may be my favourite colour of the season! I'm not sure if you can tell.. Skirt, sweater, necklace... and although its not shown here.. I wore my coral winter jacket and scarf too! Too much? haha So as you can see I purchased my skirt at Zellers and I don't know about you, but I never thought too highly about the store that's going out of business but to my surprise they have SUCH cute clothes.. and who doesn't like a "going out of business discount" too! So that's all fine and dandy but the thing I am most excited about is TARGET is coming to Canada and taking over Zellers whoo hoo!! I can't wait for spring shopping!


Grey classics

Inspiration: Sequins and Stilettos

Good evening everyone! So here is my first blog post where I have found inspiration in another fashionista! Isn't she great! Check out her blog... she has such fantastic style! So this dress is probably about 7+ years old! And I have only worn it a handful of times but I really do still love it! It's from Le Chateau and has such a classic look to it. Anyway, I received a compliment on the outfit from the big boss this morning at work, so that must mean good things right??